being (out of necessity vol. 2)

My series in "Out of Necessity Vol. 2" called Being .

Being was shot specifically for OON #2 and started out as a series revolving around presence and absence, but, the deeper into it I got, the more I realized I was dealing something else, or something more at least, and the title Being — large B — popped into my head.

I've decided to continue developing it — both philosophically and photographically — so we'll see where it ends up down the road...

OON #2 came out in 2016 featuring photos from nine different photographers: Pierre Vincensini, Hanna Lindgren, Joakim Kocjancic, Nina Hove, Lo Vahlström, Theo Elias, Erhan Can Akbulut, Stefan Wallin & myself.

Design & Layout: Jonas Westman

You can check it out here and on facebook.