99 (out of necessity vol. 1)

My series in "Out of Necessity Vol. 1" called 99.

It's a very introverted series — shot specifically for OON #1 — where I explored what would happen, and, how I would shoot, if I put myself into the (more or less) same conditions which I was in during the 1990s when out taking photographs. What I mean by that is the, just to clarify, external conditions — like time of day, camera, film, ISO etc — and not emotionally or age-wise and so on, because that would most likely be impossible.

The title 99 was a working title that sort of stuck once finished and came about because one of the photos in it is from 1999, while all the others are from 2013–2014.

The book came out in 2014 and features photos from nine different photographers: Stefan Wallin, Joakim Kocjancic, Rayen Rodriguez Aldacor, Jonas Berggren, Andrea Campesi, Hans Malm, Ola Billmont, Pierre Vincensini & myself.

Design & Layout: Jonas Westman

You can check it out here and on facebook.