Some more color

...and also possible possibilities for Behind, even though I'm pretty sure I'll go b/w all the way with it (as color won't work with the printing I'm thinking about).

Behind (again)

Here are a few (possible) color shots for Behind, even though I haven't decided if I should include any color photos in it...


Here's a few (possible) images from the first series of series called Behind (which is still just a working title). I have a few other projects in the works as well, but I'll keeps those under wraps for now.

Series of Series

I've laid out most of the theoretical groundwork - the idea or ideas - for a new series to work on, a series comprised of multiple smaller series.

The working title of the encompassing one, the umbrella, is traces, and it will consist of four or five smaller series capturing the light of the same - or completely different - subjects/objects, with the intention that the whole will make something different than the parts - while the parts themselves stand on their own. Something like a hydra, a bastard hybrid between the subjective and objective, between documentary and art, between different narratives and the same.

The first of the smaller series is called behind, at least for now, and it will most likely be the first one out the door.